I Am Here

I Am Here
Williston to Minot ND

Monday, April 2, 2012

office day;

So today; a half day day in the office half day driving to Williston; and back. In the office we were planning on doing some of the pre-job stuff for the next well; so these reports are not sent so we just kinda chatted about fracking; and how stresses and fractures propagate; and how to decide what propents to use; and how to minimize fluid loss...
There was alot of technical graphs and then we got to play with the program which controls all the gauges; and pressures...
anywho; the drive to Williston was pretty chill... had some nachos with chili and cheese to quench the hunger.
filed some paper work chatted with some old training buddy's and hit the road; back to Minot; now its a night of pizza and some basketball 

Halliburtons "muddy river lodge"

happy man 'tweek' moves out

the drive

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Just got off of a two well site; that I spent waaaaaay too much time on. When I got over with my shift; the engineers swapped out; and apparently things were not perfect. So we start to redo some of the paperwork-reformating mostly; The graphs were not "perfect". So we play with the axis; and get it right. Then one of the graphs was done with one of the people she was working with...And I was like ...So you worked with him; why dident you tell him what you wanted...."I was sleeping"
soooo...things are kinda high pressure....
but I got some time without pumping. and Tonight I found a T-bone steak and some wine; so im good...
thanks halworld

Monday, March 19, 2012

SO after a long two weeks out in the oilfields i get a could of days respite. Plane leaves at 1:45ish and im not sure what im going to do with my truck yet. but 55 min of air time and bam in MN and ready to not do much of anything extraneous for a week.

This week of work kinda started slow; and ended quick; with lots to do for every one friday, saturday, and sunday. we pretty much got to pump stright through on saturday into sunday execpt for a minor dely. every day it seems that im doing more engineering kinda stuff. its good to start to have a grasp of the acutal job im going to do. making plots, reading pressures and problem solving on the fly seems to be the 3 areas of focusl which ill be spending much of my time. yuup

anywhat it seems that this week me and pops, and heading out to south dakota and going to check out that van situation and see if it will run for me to get from point a to b and occasionally to point c. needs tires and about 120k less miles...maybe a newer type care may not be a bad iead....

well take care and enjoy the nice weather that we are having here; if you in the upper mid-west. see you soon;

Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Places New Faces

So I Moved to Minot Monday, and it seems like forever ago. The new place is pretty sweet compared to the man camps of olde.

We have a kitchen, a bathroom to ourselves, and even a pretty sweet TV. Today was the first time the Internet was hooked up here too, so now I can check the email, and blogg all right from our little kitchen table while drinking some herbal tea. Our complex is 2 blocks a main-drag, and walmart, KFC, and buffalo-wild-wings are all about 5 min away.
¶ I arrived at Minot at 1am, no key, no address, and only a general area of Minot where our appts are. 39th street, and hang a left. So after using the help of a friend; who was on google maps with me, and finding a co-worker in the walmart parking lot, I punched in my code, and boom; in and asleep by 2:30 am.Things have been all goofed up as far as work goes this week. We went out to location yesterday; and one pump truck, and a slurry blander were out there trying to "get into" the well. Im not sure what exactly that encompasses, but i know that we just took water samples, and water temps in all the tanks, and other then that kinda played it low. Today i heard, there was a meeting at 330 am so i went to the meeting room, and it was dark, so i just walked around these townhouses for about an hour looking for anyone who knew what was going on. So if you have walked around town houses at night, without knowing where your going; you feel like a super creeper.

¶ So i have been just doing alot of these online, workbook assessments that they assigned everybody which kinda are less then exciting. here's some pictures from the appt; Pretty neat eh?
hope alls well
-from minot w/love

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Well its been a long time, Sence I put a blog post out to the world; I may have forgotten how
it goes. I guess you could say the honeymoon stage is over for the blog; its no longer exciting to
write anymore, haha ; or maybe its less exciting working at a job got 100 hours a week; its a though
call. Anywho I have slighly better hours this week; my ride picks me up from the camp so I get a few more
hours to call myown. We are on a single well site this week. Unlike some of the other crews; we started
this job doing this one type of hydrolic fracturing; where the perferations are just made throgh pressure;
and we dont use this "wireline". So that means alot less down time and constant need for changes; and pressure rates to be in flux. This week training is in the van; so the equipment half of things is done for me. Now its time to learn how to make the different plots/graphs/reports needed to turn into the acutal oil companies. The boss man from the
oil corp. led the saftey meeting yesterday; and he sounded pretty serious about safety conserns. Stating that
the job is about number 7; and safety is number 1.
On a diffrent note; I think I found why im having these intence pains in my chesty reigion. So i thought i was
just getting these goofy hunger pains from working these rediculous hours, so i would just eat something and
sometimes it would make things feel better; and sometimes it would not. So on the way home yesterday; it was ahurting reall bad. So this is what Did; i bought some Zantec; a OTC acid reducer and some tums; that seem to clear it right on up... But i was still a little unsure about why only during work
I was getting this massive heartburn; And those who know me know i eat recidulous food; sometimes spicy sometimes acidic; anywho i was determed to figureout this problem. So I thought this coffee is waaay stong; i bet its waayacidic. I took a sample in the lab, and tested the pH; about 4.8 ; not super acidic; but when drinken over time and multipul cups; it kinda adds up. However i wasnt satisfyed...I knew coffee wasnt the only acidic thing i was drinking; and so i  Measured the acidity of a energy drink; 3.7 pH And im pretty sure that the coulpret. So i think im going to curb that part of my diet, ever so slightly...To avoid that intency burn...
anywhy hope alls well and that your week has started off well
wow..Did i just write a paragraph about heartburn....?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Well another 14 hours come, and gone... shovled lots of sand tonight probs right around 100 buckets. also We got pretty board and stacked all the emptys up and it was about 20 feet; pretty exciting ok; im asleept.

Friday, February 24, 2012


So yeah; nights lots of work. We're on a 4 well site. That means loads of fracking allnight/ no down time. We did 7 zones. I just need to sleep. Heres a pic; okay; I need to sleep perhaps ill blog it out later