I Am Here

I Am Here
Williston to Minot ND

Monday, April 2, 2012

office day;

So today; a half day day in the office half day driving to Williston; and back. In the office we were planning on doing some of the pre-job stuff for the next well; so these reports are not sent so we just kinda chatted about fracking; and how stresses and fractures propagate; and how to decide what propents to use; and how to minimize fluid loss...
There was alot of technical graphs and then we got to play with the program which controls all the gauges; and pressures...
anywho; the drive to Williston was pretty chill... had some nachos with chili and cheese to quench the hunger.
filed some paper work chatted with some old training buddy's and hit the road; back to Minot; now its a night of pizza and some basketball 

Halliburtons "muddy river lodge"

happy man 'tweek' moves out

the drive

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Just got off of a two well site; that I spent waaaaaay too much time on. When I got over with my shift; the engineers swapped out; and apparently things were not perfect. So we start to redo some of the paperwork-reformating mostly; The graphs were not "perfect". So we play with the axis; and get it right. Then one of the graphs was done with one of the people she was working with...And I was like ...So you worked with him; why dident you tell him what you wanted...."I was sleeping"
soooo...things are kinda high pressure....
but I got some time without pumping. and Tonight I found a T-bone steak and some wine; so im good...
thanks halworld