I Am Here

I Am Here
Williston to Minot ND

Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Places New Faces

So I Moved to Minot Monday, and it seems like forever ago. The new place is pretty sweet compared to the man camps of olde.

We have a kitchen, a bathroom to ourselves, and even a pretty sweet TV. Today was the first time the Internet was hooked up here too, so now I can check the email, and blogg all right from our little kitchen table while drinking some herbal tea. Our complex is 2 blocks a main-drag, and walmart, KFC, and buffalo-wild-wings are all about 5 min away.
¶ I arrived at Minot at 1am, no key, no address, and only a general area of Minot where our appts are. 39th street, and hang a left. So after using the help of a friend; who was on google maps with me, and finding a co-worker in the walmart parking lot, I punched in my code, and boom; in and asleep by 2:30 am.Things have been all goofed up as far as work goes this week. We went out to location yesterday; and one pump truck, and a slurry blander were out there trying to "get into" the well. Im not sure what exactly that encompasses, but i know that we just took water samples, and water temps in all the tanks, and other then that kinda played it low. Today i heard, there was a meeting at 330 am so i went to the meeting room, and it was dark, so i just walked around these townhouses for about an hour looking for anyone who knew what was going on. So if you have walked around town houses at night, without knowing where your going; you feel like a super creeper.

¶ So i have been just doing alot of these online, workbook assessments that they assigned everybody which kinda are less then exciting. here's some pictures from the appt; Pretty neat eh?
hope alls well
-from minot w/love

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