I Am Here

I Am Here
Williston to Minot ND

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Well its been a long time, Sence I put a blog post out to the world; I may have forgotten how
it goes. I guess you could say the honeymoon stage is over for the blog; its no longer exciting to
write anymore, haha ; or maybe its less exciting working at a job got 100 hours a week; its a though
call. Anywho I have slighly better hours this week; my ride picks me up from the camp so I get a few more
hours to call myown. We are on a single well site this week. Unlike some of the other crews; we started
this job doing this one type of hydrolic fracturing; where the perferations are just made throgh pressure;
and we dont use this "wireline". So that means alot less down time and constant need for changes; and pressure rates to be in flux. This week training is in the van; so the equipment half of things is done for me. Now its time to learn how to make the different plots/graphs/reports needed to turn into the acutal oil companies. The boss man from the
oil corp. led the saftey meeting yesterday; and he sounded pretty serious about safety conserns. Stating that
the job is about number 7; and safety is number 1.
On a diffrent note; I think I found why im having these intence pains in my chesty reigion. So i thought i was
just getting these goofy hunger pains from working these rediculous hours, so i would just eat something and
sometimes it would make things feel better; and sometimes it would not. So on the way home yesterday; it was ahurting reall bad. So this is what Did; i bought some Zantec; a OTC acid reducer and some tums; that seem to clear it right on up... But i was still a little unsure about why only during work
I was getting this massive heartburn; And those who know me know i eat recidulous food; sometimes spicy sometimes acidic; anywho i was determed to figureout this problem. So I thought this coffee is waaay stong; i bet its waayacidic. I took a sample in the lab, and tested the pH; about 4.8 ; not super acidic; but when drinken over time and multipul cups; it kinda adds up. However i wasnt satisfyed...I knew coffee wasnt the only acidic thing i was drinking; and so i  Measured the acidity of a energy drink; 3.7 pH And im pretty sure that the coulpret. So i think im going to curb that part of my diet, ever so slightly...To avoid that intency burn...
anywhy hope alls well and that your week has started off well
wow..Did i just write a paragraph about heartburn....?

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