I Am Here

I Am Here
Williston to Minot ND

Monday, February 20, 2012


Well things are going better. and my sleep schedule has kinda leveled out...Worked 102 hours last week, so that's kinda good to have behind me. one more week; Im ready to sit around for awhile. Iv also been super hungry lately...Like more then ever. I should try and eat more healthy. There are snacks everywhere, and pretty high caloric sandwhiches... I feel like iv gained 10 lbs in 7 weeks. yuk. Anywho Today I have had the chance to do some laundry and get some online learning mods. done.
Oh it looked like there was a huge snow storm coming this way; but it looks like its swinging south and east of us...
well I hope you all had a good weekend, and that Monday is smooth for you.
Waleye sanggwhhiich; not helping ; well kinda

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