I Am Here

I Am Here
Williston to Minot ND

Saturday, February 4, 2012


So yeah; I haven't blogged in a few days here is why ... yesterday was the first day of our new well location. Our engineer wanted to get there ~5am so get things lined up and ready to go at 7am. So we leave the yard at 4; set my alarm for 3:15... I awake at 2:50a to a my new cough, its like the third round and a snoring roommate, and realize that I ouly have 20 min of additional sleep anyways...there's no worse feeling;
this is what 330am looks like in Williston 
 Get to the site, and I ask what to do. "whip up some gel samples, and we'll test water". sounds pretty straight forward, until I figure out we don't have any water, and our blender is super dirty...So cleaning glassware with gojos and bottled water, and plastic bottles with nasty friction reducers is no fun, let me tell you.
so yeah that 16 our day was kinda awful. 

 Today was good; shorter, slept in until 4:20, and purchased an air
 freshener. also my sweet under armor hoodie showed up, plus we started
 driving home in the sunlight and on can see the pretty dynamic landscape that ND has to offer.... 

Note air freshener on left;  now our room smells like a pine forest 

super sheek; light and warm

here is an emo video for you joe because your; the coolest
 and this is your favorite song that you sing all the time
+ it happens to be the title of my post...enojoy, or not, whatever 

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