I Am Here

I Am Here
Williston to Minot ND

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


     Today was another filthy grime filled day. Half way through it I swung by the HR dpet, office, and said hi to our HR rep (she always has good candy). I said whats up, and told her things were good. She told me that I needed to get my stuff washed, like today. I told her that yesterday I took one pair of coveralls in, and all this grime build up was from like 4 hours. I don't think she believed me.
     Yeah so pump-shop was pretty cool, saw out huge pump truck come in, the thing is just massive...anyway we worked on it for about 3 hours, then I spent the rest of the day putting together valves; hammering on A plastic ring in a vice, do it seats itself on a metal 4-5 inch valve...It was awesome. I enjoyed some of that mindless repetition that only comes around so often...
Someone brought fired chicken with potato salad, and cantaloupe-pretty good lunch. Also afternoon brought me the chance to be the DJ of the shop, because the guy with the Super Hard Rock Pandora account left. The guy was awesome, a real teacher, and a skilled pumpsmen and only 20 years old;  but that scream-o rock is not for me.
     Slept in til 6:19a Left arround 5:30-6 o'clock, and stopped  by "Home of Economy" bought some more wool socks; one always needs more wool socks. Swung by McDees, and had some McChickens; which as I was walking out I immediate wished I would have gotten pickles on them...walking in to the restaurant to walking out with bag-in-hand took about 6 min, pretty average... ahh I really should have snapped a pic; the drive-thru, was about 6 cars deep; pre-order screen, double wide, it was nuts...I didn't understand that one....

Anywho.. I got some letters to right, some phone calls to make...
enjoy tomorrow; Ill see you soon

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