I Am Here

I Am Here
Williston to Minot ND

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Done; day one/two

Large-scale fracturing; our set-up 
is about 1/2 this;  redwingaerials.com
Successful couple of days on the rig site. We are about 60-70 miles west north west of Williston, past Tioga, somewhere... It has been probably about the nicest weather one can ask for, during the middle of January. ~45 F (about 45 F) today with a strong wind. which kinda shut us down for 2 hours... Gave us a chance to rebuild our pumps. 
Also today I had the chance to hone my sand delivering skills. I was running the T-belt, which puts the sand into the blender's hopper. Pretty straightforward; keep enough sand, so the blender always has enough; but not so much so it overflows. 
Then the wireline guys come in, and actually fracture the formation, using "shooter" downhole. This is where our downtime was.

Our setup at dusk
During some of the time today; a dude was asked to give his best "Iron man" holler after getting the song over the radio; he failed haha. But we're friends on facebook now, so no big deal. hahaand who after more time had past more rock music kept coming one the radio, for short bursts of time. Then I had the best great idea of playing some Adele, it would have been real funny, and maybe no one would even known it was me hahha... but as I was contemplating this, the site lead told them to cut it... So its prob for the best It didn't happen. 

Anyway we almost hit a dekfuur on the way home, when it ran in front of us but avoided it... luckily 

 have to get up at again 3:45a. 
hope your all having a good day
getting some sleep now.


  1. Just wanted to say great blog keep it up. It's always intrigued me to what it is like to be in a boom economy.

  2. I'm with silk weasel, keep up the blogging. What you're doing is fascinating. Keep blogging about it and educating the masses.

    p.s. it's snowing down in the cities today but still pretty warm. Beginning to think we might make it through the winter without getting smacked.