I Am Here

I Am Here
Williston to Minot ND

Monday, January 30, 2012

30 Hour Day

We just got off the long shift; 30 hours, with only small naps, grabbed on the fly. In my mind it was a duality of a) at 4am being exhausted, after being up 24 hours...and b) making that cash, which we all seek. There was two big things that kinda pulled me through ;a phone call from a lady friend at about 1:30am, and an  Ale81- a soda from Kentucky- which I drank at about 3am. The former having more magnitude and making me smile more. :) And the ale81 put me back in the hollers and 90% humidity of Kentucky, which was also needed. Other things that were awful- my splitting head ache, and general hunger... I guess I didn't drink enough water, or pack enough food. But some H2O, vitamin I, and corn chips with salsa cured all that ailed meh.

I was on QC-quality control today, which includes water testing. It was kind of comforting to be back in the lab again, doing titrations. In the sense that I had a background in the equipment, instrumentation, and chemicals that we used. in contrast to all the other locations I have been. I feel I worked efficiently, and made few mistakes. 
Also I had the chance to play with the CL samples and show the "company man" them, and make sure these 8-10 samples where up to his standards. The company man, as far as I know, the big-shot; the one person on site, who works for the oil/gas company directly. He knows all the ins and outs of the game, and knows when things are going right, and if they are not; how to fix them effectively. On my first day he asked me to "run to one of the trucks and grab a henway"; then you ask; whats a henweigh ?-About 6 lbs HA...good one. haha
Anyways it was not so bad after the fact. I got back at about 11am the and took 2 huge, epic naps
So if you get asked to get; a henway, an Iron stretcher, a sample of A.I.R. or a down-hole sample, a piece of cable for wireline, as far as I know these all don't exist...with probably the exception of a down-hole sample. However there is no way someone on the job for 3 days, has the knowledge, or technology to grab a down-hole sample...  
alright have a great night
and take care.

here liz have some good music; get off that drake 

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  1. Your Dad laughed at the henway comment... Get some sleep.. MOM