I Am Here

I Am Here
Williston to Minot ND

Monday, January 23, 2012


Well the internet was down for about 3 days here at the camp. Folks said that is was a regional thing and that it was down in a huge area of NW North Dakota. But now it seems to be working well.

     Today we worked on "Oilfield Math", which at first was a joke. The questions ranged from how many is 405 cubic feet plus 235 cubic feet. So it was a breeze for the first half of the day. After Lunch we got into more of the detailed math problems such as converting cubic in to cubic feet to barrels and then getting pressures/PSIs and then getting into force.

 Nothing above my head, or anyone's head, just takes a lot more divided attention and more general focus. so after working thru a 200 page workbook, we started to talk about our schedule the next 2 weeks. This is when the fun should start.

    4:30am is when we report to dispatch and ride to our first well site..  I'm thinking leave here at 4:00, & get up around 330,320, if I'm looking to take a shower.... tomorrow will be a long day. But hopefully Ill be ready for it. I have 4 sandwiches, 3 things of pineapple juice, water, two apples two small bags of chips, and 6 cookies.. I hope its enough... Its not that I picked pineapple juice over anything else; its the only caned juice they serve... dont judge me. haha.

    So yeah Williston is just as busy as ever, loads of trucks everywhere, walmart is a buzz always. I swung in there this weekend to pick up some cheep white socks, toothpaste (which is still in the truck) and headphones. I also was in the market for a haircut, which one can also get in the Williston walmart. Who knew? anyway so I stopped by, and then there was these two guys with this..well it looked like a tv, or a microwave, in a box i couldn't really tell, but they had this box in the cart, and they're explaining it to this old lady working as the greeter, and then some crackeling over some radio somewhere, and then both of them get carted away in hand cuffs, it was pretty nuts. Then got myself a buzzcut for $16 and an hour wait. and got the eff outa there...

    Things are wild here. Everyone's looking back, or forward; talking about the good days' or talking about how they are gonna spend there cash when they get home. Every dude that we trained with has been out to the field so far; I think we are some of the last ones to get out. The guys who i trained with offered good advice, and wish me luck; but most of them just say; be safe. And I guess that's the key; be safe.
wish me luck
-andrew shay