I Am Here

I Am Here
Williston to Minot ND

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

     Williston ND is the town in which I reside currently. I am in a 600ish bed "man Camp"- which is strikingly like college, with less homework, more 30+ 40+ dudes. The food in wonderful, but I haven't got the courage up to take my Cellphone out and get a picture.. I mean there is alot of huge dudes with huge beards... You dont want to be that guy right? Anywho...Ill work backwards...tonight was steak tips, with egg noodles, pork chops, and rice pilaf with a side salad... super good food. like really, for men just needing like calories they seem to take some time and put some extra energy and make this mass produced food taste good good like. sometimes when you use a word twice it means double.
    So today in class we went over alot of OSHA stuff like don't use your drill in a pool, with a metal later.. and what not... learning all these guidelines, which keep one from getting killed. H2S is hydrogen sulfide and with concentrations +1000 ppm you can die ultra quick so to reduce death, and what not you wear a H2S monitor on your collar, and also they have these masks that every one got fitted for, I saw this sign as we all got tested and snapped a quick picture; pretty funny, me thinks;

Halliburton gas mas facial hair guidelines
     So after that we had a talk by the HR rep (female gal to like 32 guys/2 gals) about sexual harassment. So she gets into the talk about not making and noises, "hooting/cat noises/whistling ect." So then she starts talking about how you should not make unwanted passes at ppl like asking them to date and whatnot... she says "you can ask someone out on a date, but if they say no thanks, then drop it" immanently" then one dude ~45 years pipes up and says " well what if she plays hard to get?" and every one starts like looking back at the HR rep, and she kinda laughs then every one laughs... it was pretty funny. But kinda a rediculous thing to say at a meeting like that...  Anywho the rest of the stuff went smoothly.. and yeah. OHhhh so another funny time is when dude whos training all of us always, at the start of each period like plays funny falling down videos, or cats running, or what not plays this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnThfJU57sk which shows Dick Cheney killing an Easter Bunny. (D. C. former VP, and CEO of Halliburton..)
-sars for the long post.
-peas+love from ND
- Andrew Shay

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