I Am Here

I Am Here
Williston to Minot ND

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

slapped by winter

So our instructor at the safety school, went to Wilderness canoe base back in the 90s, for like 3 winters. wild. Today was a bitter cold day. It was ~15F when we started, and was about 5F at the end of the day. They say the windsock indicates +20 mph when its getting enough wind to stay inflated. Well today it looked like a cone, sideways. The whole day. Even being from MN, it was cold. The wind would cut any place you left uncovered for more then 30 sec. Even with a face shield, and a neck/head wrap the wind seem to find my forehead, and ears. More rigging-setting up pipe, and working up, down rigging. pretty quick today. Everyone was pretty motivated to go quick and did their jobs well. Also, prob my fav part of today was fork life operation. So we watched our video, but then yeah they just let me take hold of this Huge, lift truck/tractor thing. Also went to Halliburton hq, and followed cam(erman) to dispatch to he could turn in his log books. I see this phone ringing in this hallway meeting room, and it rang like 2 different times. So I piked it up. And this dude Tayler was on the other line. So he was trying to reach dispatch, but had the wrong number, So I gave him the right number. Mission accomplished.
  k night, 

I found this pic. Its pretty close to what we drove. 

also talked haz chem.

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