I Am Here

I Am Here
Williston to Minot ND

Monday, January 16, 2012

Make it snow

sunny in mpls MN today, ~30° F out/ feeling nice.
cloudy in Williston ND today 1° F; -14°/ wc 

Well today, was a sleep in, go to the coffee house, down the block, and do "oilfield math" and listen to music day. It still seems a little wild that 3 days ago, I was up in the rolling hills of ND, talking to an engineer about well depths, and pressure. The transition to mpls; was smoother then I expected. I suppose that in to weeks, you can only pick up so much. Old habits, of sleeping in, going and eating fancy food (and paying for it) with friends, fade slow. What I guess I am thinking is that this scheduled time off may be a mixed blessing; With time to hang and chill, it kinda dulls the fact that I am going to be doing hard, work in cold, windy, sloppy conditions. Well maybe that's the point. Let the ends justify the means...Or more; like let the one sunny day feel good, and pull you threw the week of rain. Yeah I think that's the rub. 

       K might get sap-tastic but here goes; I feel pretty great, that I have the family support to go and work, far away, and have a comfortable place to take respite, and re-charge. It is invaluable. I like my fam alot. good people. 

...Anywho I think i get to see my baby-sister play some bball tonight down at GAC so that should be some fun times. Also if you get a chance to check out kikugawa, over by riverside in mpls, do it. Some pretty good food over there... Id use a Happenings book. buy one get one dinner, is the way to win the game. allright
have a happy MLK day.

qestion off the day;
A) is english grammer beter ?
B)like my attempt at java? did the blog just get classy?

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