I Am Here

I Am Here
Williston to Minot ND

Saturday, January 28, 2012


This provides half of the stink; the dirty; coveralls go well with my
 "better homes cookbook" 
This provides rest of the stink  if you look real
 close you can see Adele on iTunes
           My room smells like hydraulic fluid. After a 15 hour day, the last thing I want to smell is hydraulic fluid. I'm very sleepy. It was snowed on us twice, had to quick had to run the tarps over some equipment. Sounds like the other new guys are having about the same days as us. Long slow days, governed by how long you can stand the cold, and wind. Actually its kinda how long you can stand the boredom...Had another windy day, productive in the AM, slowed down in considerably in the PM; had about 4 hours with very little we could be   I got a sweet sticker for my hard had, from a sand hauler guy from ND. So that was good and cool...haha yeah..
         Euchre, and Forest Gump are cheering me up right now so thats also good. I just also got a txt saying the frac guys, who work with the team on a reg basis (not us engineering techs) that he can't watch forest jump, because he is still at location... suck.

Anyway hope the sun shines,
and the wind settles down so we can get this well finished...
take care...

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