I Am Here

I Am Here
Williston to Minot ND

Saturday, January 7, 2012

sunday, even

Andrew D. Shay 208
BearPaw Lodge 
13589 57th St. NW
Williston ND 58801

"Have you found me yet? good". says the truck driver to the service tech. Tonight we found some pretty great pizza at the Wildcat pizzeria. "Wildcat" the specific pizza we had, Mushrooms, sausage, pepperoni, and green peppers. Very tasty. So there was a picture taken of the taps. not by me, but yeah it was a pretty great picture,(took down)

Prior to that we finally got some details about the job we are doing, as well at a tour of the grounds. We checked out the Pump station, the shop, the engineering dept, and got a quick and dirty 20 min fraking crash course by Jay, the grounds crewman, who seemed like he knew just enough about every thing to help us green hats out. Also he offered work tomorrow, over our first day off, which would be all overtime...pretty temping, I think I'm on board. 
     DDC-defense driving today, went smoothly, with a big chunk of time waiting for people to get their behind the while stuff done. The course was pretty simple, just driving around Williston, and keeping the speed limit. 
   I'm excited to get a little more of the yard layout tomorrow, and to just try and absorb some more info. I could really use the sleeping in, but I think I have hit a stride at the 6am alarm. any-who, I better get some words with friends done, and try to get more of this log in Internet thing done. 
Hope alls well with where ever you are this Saturday evn.

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